The Membership committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of members and advise the Board and other Board committees of issue which affect the membership. This committee is the direct outreach for members to potentially serve on the board.


The Awards committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Awards process, including the updating of the category list in the Call For Entries, the processing and judging of entries, the Emmy® awards show and for resolving issues relating to entries, nominees and winners.

This committee plans the EMMY® Awards gala, which includes but is not limited to the host, venue and all advance preparation as well as the event, by assembling a team of volunteers to implement an action plan. It coordinates graphic design for invitations and program information. Write/produce all material for invitation and program; gather necessary copy and ads for the program. Secure photographers for the event and timely delivery of photos in acceptable format for publicity and website purposes.  This committee collaborates on planning and execution of the event while staying within budget guidelines. This also goes for Silver/Gold Circle Awards and Student Production Awards.

 Finance Committee

The Finance committee prepares the chapter budget, which is voted upon in two consecutive meetings prior to becoming active September 1st of each year. The chair, usually the Executive Committee Treasurer, submits updates/actuals for board approval. Also, the committee ensures books are in order and that each committee is properly funded to successfully complete its projects for the coming year. Finally, it works with the administrator to submit appropriate paperwork each year for tax purposes.

 Program Committee

 The Programs committee is responsible for all planning and execution of events including educational panels and social networking events with the exception of the Silver Circle® and EMMY® Awards Gala. It negotiates with venues and remains within budget guidelines. The committee actively seeks out opportunities that appeal to our membership base, and gathers all details of the event and coordinates publicity. A production group must be obtained to record the event for archival purposes, as well as set, sound, recording and any details of actual production/execution of the event. All materials for publicity to be written, as well as gathering copy for e-blast and website are done by members of this committee. Secure photographer for the event. Find and secure a host for the event as necessary. This committee is responsible for planning and execution of each event while staying within budget guidelines

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for the creation, design and implementation of programs and relationships that will enhance the Chapter’s goal of educational leadership as set forth in the National constitution.  These programs may include the Student Television Awards, the acquisition of student membership, the awarding of scholarships, as well as working with the Program Committee and/or educational facilities to devise programs of an educational benefit to members.

 Silver Circle® Committee

The Silver Circle® committee works with the administrator to send out the call for nominations, reviews application forms and presents a slate of applicants for board approval, simultaneously working with the venue on event planning details. Inductees are contacted to confirm their information, including bio, photo and tribute video delivered by set deadlines. The committee evaluates the nominee’s contributions and then votes for the inductees by secret ballot. The Committee writes all material for the invitation and program, and gathers all necessary copy and ads. Tracking of how many tickets and tables are sold and a photographer must be secured for the event. Commitment from a host is also critical. This committee must work well together to collaborate on planning and execution of the event while staying within budget guidelines.

Social Media Committee

This group works in conjunction with (almost) all the others, and knows no boundaries.  Programs, Marketing, Education, Awards, Website – everyone benefits from the ideas and innovations that come from these folks.  For example:  FaceBook Corner at the Emmy gala; nomination announcement party webcast; seminars on-line; winner video on website.

Executive Committee

The Executive committee is composed of officers of the board.  The vast majority of detailed Chapter business is processed at these meetings, much discussion, and decisions about what aspects of business are to be brought to the board’s attention.  Topics cover all committees, as well as national, local and regional concerns; planning, goal-setting and some strategizing occur. Present at these meetings are the President, VP Awards, VP Program, VP Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee and the Administrator.  Occasionally a committee chair, member of the board or a guest will be invited (or will request) to attend this meeting when a certain matter is on the agenda.


The Trustees represent our chapter at the national level.  We elect one Trustee per 300 members, with an Alternate Trustee elected. Twice a year, in May and in October, Trustees from all the (19) chapters meet at the request of the national office of NATAS to approve and/or discuss the business of the various committees of the national office in a closed-door session.