EMMY® Entries FAQS

Do we need to pay fees for each entrant/person listed?

YES. An entry fee must be paid for each entrant/person listed on the entry.
All Entrants Must Be Members or Register Users to submit an entry. Please have your entrants register or join before you start the entry process or you will have to stop and register the entrant. Become A Guest User

Entries are not automatically updated to the membership price. You MUST Modify the entry to update the entrants membership fee.

The emailed copy of the entry will contain a link allowing the entry to be updated with the verified membership status so the entry price can be updated before payment. Please confirm your membership before submitting a new application.

Who is the “Submitter Contact” on the entry?

This is the person who is submitting entries (i.e. completing the online entry forms) on behalf of the station, company or entrant. This is the first person we will contact if we have any questions or require additional information regarding the entry. This person may or may not also be listed as an “entrant” as well.

Can we just put the station/company as the entrant and pay one fee?

The answer is NO. Awards are presented to individuals, not companies.

What’s the entry deadline?

Entry “paperwork” must be submitted online through EMMY® Express for judging by February 2, 2021 . Entries must list each person who should be recognized and pay the appropriate fees for each person listed.

Do I have to be a member to submit an entry?
No, but members do receive a discounted rate for their entry fees. *NOTE: Non-members, or those who are not currently in our online database will need to “register” to use EMMY® Express. There is no fee to register, and registering does not automatically make you a member. Registering is a security measure and also allows you the flexibility of coming back later to finish filling out the forms if needed.

Am I a member?

You can check your member status at any time by using the Membership Record Look Up Form

If I’m not a current member, can I join now?
YES! If you aren’t already a member of Michigan Chapter, we encourage you to join when submitting your entries. Even if you only have one entry, becoming a member now will save you money!

How do I renew my membership?

If you were a member last year, you can RENEW your membership by going to: Membership Renewal and Profile Update Form

New members can join by going to: New Member Application Form
How do I pay?

Payment can be made by MasterCard, or Visa, Discover. EMMY® Express has very flexible payment options. This allows multiple individuals to pay for a single entry or multiple entries using which every payment methods each prefers. When paying fees by check, be sure to include a printed copy of your EMMY® Express invoice when you send in your payment to make sure your account is credited properly.

How can I add my name to an entry already submitted?
Please find the submitter of the entry, ask them to forward the EMMY® Express email receipt. At the bottom of the entry is a link to modify the entry.

Can a name be added after the entry deadline?

No. Names can not be added to entry form after deadline.

Is there any way to recognize the contributions of individuals or organizations who helped with my entry, but did not have a producer’s role?

Yes. There are certificates and plaques available for both nominated and winning EMMY® entries that can be purchased from the Chapter. For more information Statuettes and Plaques after the EMMY® Awards are held.

Please note that we will be issuing Nomination Certificates to those that are nominated.

If I submit a composite in one of the craft categories what should I put down for the “first airdate?”
Select the  composite box and then go to the composite tab, where  there are five segment spots where you will put your time code, airdate and segment name. If your entry only calls for three segments include only three. Remember that all work submitted must have actually first aired during the eligibility period: January 1 – December 31, 2020.

What format is required for entry submissions?
All videos must be uploaded to EMMY® Express for online judging. Please see Video Upload Instructions.

I have another question not on this list. Who do I contact?

Please use CONTACT US.