How to Upload a Video


After you have submitted your entry you will be brought to the Payment Summary Page. You will find a button to Upload Video, click that link. You will select and browse to get your video.  You will also receive an EMMY® Express – Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt and the link will be provided at the bottom to upload your video entry. This will bring you to the Welcome to the EMMY® Express Video Upload Process page. Please read and follow the instructions provided:

NOTE: You can only upload 1 video entry at a time; you have 3 opportunities to upload, after 3 attempts you will be locked out and must use “Contact Us” to have your uploads reset, so you can try again. Patience is key during video upload.

BEFORE you can upload your EMMY® Entry Video, you must do the following

  1. SUBMIT your entry (the “paperwork” part) using EMMY® Express.
  1. PREPARE your video for uploading. Entrants are responsible for the technical quality of their videos.

PREFERRED FILE FORMAT: MP4 using H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec

  • For best quality, encode your video at its original size.
  • 1920×1080 or 1280x720p is recommended
  • Your video should be at least 720×480
  • DO NOT letterbox your video

Once you have submitted your entry prepared the video for upload, you can upload your video to EMMY® Express.


Make sure you are in your member dashboard to upload.  You will select add video button, and attach video. It is recommended that you go to your member dashboard first.  Then select upload your video, then you will see a bar that signifies it is processing. After the upload is complete, this window may be closed. The Video will be processed in the background. Once video processing is complete, it must be reviewed and approved by you in order to be accepted

If you have someone else uploading on your behalf, that is not the submitter, they would use this guest link.  Make sure they have your Email copy of EMMY® Entry. This is where it will reference your Entry ID number, valid submitters email address and category.

On this first page you need to:

  • Select the entry category from the drop down box.
  • Enter the ENTRY ID Number
  • EXAMPLE: 402-4 (402 is the category and 2 is the entry number.)
  • Enter the e-mail address that you provided on the entry form.
  • Select the Box that you “Agree to the Terms” of uploading video.

Video File Upload Recommendations:

  • The video file size should not be larger than 2 GB for ease of uploading.
  • The video width should be 768 or larger for better viewing experience for the judge.

What format do I use to upload my entry?

  • flv – Flash video
  • mp4 – MPEG-4 H.264 encoding
  • vp6 – True Motion

Aspect Ratio – The player uses 4:3 aspect ratio. 16:9 aspect ratio video will be letterboxed in the player.

  • The aspect ratio of the original source video should always be maintained when it’s uploaded: Uploaded videos should never include letterboxing or pillarboxing bars. The player automatically adds black bars so that videos are displayed correctly without cropping or stretching, whatever the size of the video or the player.
  • If letterboxing is added to a video before it is uploaded (to create a 4:3 video from a 16:9 master for example), the widescreen player will add pillarbox bars too, resulting in black bars all around the video (windowboxing) and a bad viewing experience.

Video Encoding Guidelines:

  • File size – The system will accept large files – and longer videos (over 15 minutes) may need to be larger to maintain quality. However, the larger the file, the longer it will take to upload your video. Reduce the bitrate and use two-pass encoding to help reduce file size.
  • Video Scale (Dimensions) – Video width should not be smaller than 480. If the video is smaller in size, it will not upscale. Smaller videos will be centered within the player video area. Again, the recommendation is to upload the best possible quality using the same dimensions as your original video. The transcoding process will resize the video as needed for judging.
  • Aspect Ration – Videos should be exported in their original aspect ratio (16×9 or 4×3). DO NOT letterbox 16×9 video during the encoding process. Do not export 4×3 videos to a 16×9 format. Use square (1:1) pixel aspect ratio.
  • Frame Rate – Use progressive frames instead (e.g. 720p of interlacing (e.g. 720i). The number of frames per second should not be less than 24. It is recommended that the frame rate be 29.97 or 30 frames per second to provide the best quality possible.
  • Video Bitrate – Higher bitrates provide less compression and better quality but will result in larger file sizes. Tow-pass video encoding can help reduce file size. Videos under 15 minutes can be encoded at higher bitrates (5,000-10,000kbps). For longer videos, you’ll need to use a lower bitrate if you want to reduce the file size. It is recommended to not to go below 2000 kbps. Remember, you can upload large files, but be patient as the upload time will be longer.

Don’t have encoding software? Download Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip for free.


After reading through the instructions on the page and confirming your entry information in the box at the bottom, click on Proceed to Upload Video.

  • Select your video from your computer files by Browsing, be sure that you are uploading the correct file type.
  • Click on UPLOAD
  • The Screen will change to show a status bar indicating where the video is in the upload process.
  • Wait for video to upload. Depending on the size of your file it should only take a couple of minutes, however, the longer the entry, the longer the upload process.
  • Uploading the video can take a very long time if the video is more than 2 GB. It could take a long time if your internet connection is slow.
  • Please note the status bar MIGHT stop moving, but that DOES NOT mean the file isn’t uploading.
  • After the video has been uploaded to the system, THEN it will be encoded to a file that will be judged.
  • The screen will change for encoding. The status will indicate “processing” until the video is “ready.” (This process will take on average about 2 minutes for each minute of video to complete the 2 encodings, but can take considerably longer if the server has a backlog of encoding.)
  • You may keep your browser open while the video is processing; or, you can use the link at the bottom of the page to monitor the encoding process (a new tab/page will open in your browser); or, you can close your browser at this point and return later to finish the approval process.
  • When the status shows “ready,” click on the thumbnail or “click here to play video” link to play the video. Watch all the way through. What you see is what the judges will see. Make sure your video has audio all the way through.*If the link does not appear, there was an encoding problem.
  • After watching your video, click on the “Approve or Disapprove Video” link.


  • If the video uploaded and played properly and you approve, select Approve.
  • If you do not Approve- select “Reject and Delete.” Your video will be deleted and you can upload your video entry again.
  • You have 3 opportunities to upload and approve your video. Once approved, or you’ve uploaded your video 3 times, you will not be able to upload again.
  • Please Use Contact Us to have options reset so you can complete the process.*IMPORTANT: Your video is NOT available to the judges until you approve it!

You will receive an e-mail confirmation once you have completed the upload and approved your video. Your entry is now ready to be judged.

I have already submitted my Entry, how do I upload my video?

Go to your member account and follow the instructions provided above.