Dr. Lynne Boyle/John Schimpf Scholarship


Scholarships are being offered to full-time undergraduate and graduate students, majoring in broadcasting, video production, post-production and media at an accredited college, university or community college in the Michigan area.

(4) – UNDERGRAD Scholarships        $2,500. each

(2) – GRADUATE Scholarships           $2,500. each

For consideration of this award, applicants must:

  1. Complete the online scholarship grant application.
  2. Write a personal statement.
  3. Letters of recommendation.
  4. Official copy of transcript.
  5. Student produced film or video Link – Theme focused on “Local Heroes”

Letter to Video Media/Broadcast Educators

Scholarship Honor Code
Undergraduate Application Graduate Application

Grants are offered to a high school in the Michigan area to assist with equipment or improvements.

(5) – HIGH SCHOOL Grants               $1,000. each

For consideration of this award, applicants must:

  1. Complete the online grant application.
  2. A brief personal statement.
  3. A letter from the principal
  4. Film or video Link – focused on the school’s video class initiatives-projects

Grant Honor Code  High School Application

Application and letters of recommendation must be submitted by Friday, February 28, 2020.








Scholarship Recipients:

Ashley De’la McClendon (2013)
Madonna University
Chelsea Jenkins (2014)
Madonna University
Miranda Ferguson (2015)
Madonna University
William J. DeYonker (2016)
Madonna University
Ilene Gould (2017)
Michigan State University
Grant Polmanteer (2018)
Central Michigan University
Bailey Talaska (2018)
Central Michigan University
John Coates  (2019)
Center for Creative Studies
Chris Kaufman (2019)
Central Michigan University
Anthony Ross Black (2019)
Michigan State University

Undergraduate Honorary Mention

Madison Brauntz (2019)
Western Michigan University

Marina Cracchiolo (2013)
Northwestern University
Christen Rochon (2019)
Michigan State University

High School
Fraser High School (2013)
Ann Arbor Skyline High School (2014)
Paul K. Cousino High School (2014)
Plymouth High School (2015)
Grosse Pointe North High School (2016)
Troy Athens High School (2017)
Lake Orion High School (2018)
Plymouth High School (2018)
Plymouth High School (2019)
Troy Athens High School (2019)
Warren Mott High School (2019)