Nominations must be received by:

Friday, August 25, 2023

The Gold Circle (50+ years) and The Silver Circle (25+ years) are open to all who have extensive careers in television, either in a performing, creative, technical or administrative role within the industry or in a peripheral area directly related to television, such as commercial production, journalism, or education.

Candidates will have made significant contributions not only to the industry, but to their communities. Candidates and/or their sponsors are to submit the following information for evaluation and selection by the Gold/Silver Circle® Committee.

As we are limited to six inductees each year, all nominees not honored will be held for consideration for future presentations.

The Gold/Silver Circle® committee will evaluate applications for eligibility and select slate of candidates for ballot. The committee votes for inductees by secret ballot and tabulates the vote. The selection process is kept confidential.

Gold & SILVER CIRCLE Application

The following items must be attached and completed in full or the application will be disqualified:

Please craft this letter so that those who may not know the candidate get a sense of who they are.

A comprehensive biography that outlines the nominee’s career path, work in the Michigan area, involvement in organizations associated with the medium and key accomplishments and community impact. Employment history and dates must be included.

This bio will be used verbatim, should candidate be selected for all materials associated with the invitation and program booklet produced for the event.

Please note: By submitting this form, you agree that if your nominee is selected to provide or ensure a video tribute is provided not to exceed three minutes. This will be used in conjunction with each specific presentation for each inductee at the Gold Circle® ceremony.
The video must be submitted by Tuesday, October 4, 2022.